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Biogenic eye bright Tea

Biogenic Eyebright Herbal Tea is 100% Natural Herbal tea for eye/visual health. It helps against visual disturbances It Brightens the eyes Clears Blurred vision, dim vision and red eyes 20 Tea Bags in 1 Pack

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Biogenic Eyebright 100% Herbal Tea is naturally prepared to clear Blurred vision, prevent dry eyes,  eye astringent, eye fatigu, cures dizzines,  swelling, red eyes and sore with visual disturbance, tears. Eyebright is specially prepared to clear all including prevention of eye paste.
However, during intake, avoid consumption of alcohol.

Biogenic Eyebright Tea contain zero fat and protein free. It clears Blurred vision, clears dim vision & Red Eyes, Brightens the eyes Ideal for visual disturbances.
Direction for use; Brew in a cup of hot water for 3 – 5 minutes then drink when warm. Drink 2 tea bags per day.

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