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Tonique tonic sex tea

I know. You’ve been dying to find out about Sex Tea? Tonic tea is here for you. It fight against premature ejaculation and create a happy relationship

Product Quantity: 100

Product Code: m-3838

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₵170 ₵150

Gender: men only

net wt : 40g

item type : tea

ingredient : plant essence(glossy privet, herba ecliptae, milkvetch seed,rehmannia root, dodder.)

Tonic tea is plant herbs ingredients which have been traditionally used for centuries to get back to basics ( sexual wellness). sex tonic tea may assist you with; 1. enhancing libido 2. enlargement of manhood 3.support in digestion 4. Boost your energy energy 5. improves blood circulation 6. supporting kidney functions; this is men's pure natural food tonic for invigorating the male sex organ and kidney. has no side effect and improves vigor and libido. gives you strong erection and makes you last longer. directions; use one tea bag per cup. pour boiling water and wait for 5minutes, stir up and serve. drink twice daily( i.e early morning and bedtime) for the best results.

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