Samira Tummy Fat Reducing Tea
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Samira Tummy Fat Reducing Tea


Samira 100% Natural Herbal Tummy fat reducing tea has become the latest diet fad. It contains some useful herbs that are very effective for losing excess …

TUMMY FAT reducing tea is very useful for those that need to get their shape back. It is specially for WOMEN after CHILD BIRTH. It is good for MEN with POTBELLIES and generally to keep your SHAPE in check.             IT is a WELL BLEND of SPECIAL LEAVES to achieve the said purpose. SAMIRA BRAND is usually a special brand as it gives the right solution at the right TIME. This product is not to be taken by PREGNANT WOMEN, CHILREN and ADULTS below MATURITY AGE. SAMIRA  TUMMY FAT REDUCING TEA is specialy formulated for TUMMY fat reduction and SLIMMING, nothing more.

Key Features

  • Reduces Tummy Fat
  • Slims Down
  • Reduces Potbelly
  • Gives Shape
  • Not for Pregnant Women
  • Not For Children


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