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Return Policy

Return Your Items in Four Steps

STEP 1: Send a Complaint

Also include pictures of the product that was delivered to help@ejherb.com as a means of evidence.

STEP 2: Return after Authorization

Once your claim is validated, we will provide information on the most suitable means of getting the item from you.

STEP 3: Track Return Status

We will send you a return waybill number, this will enable you to track the status of your return.

STEP 4: Get Resolution

Upon our confirmation of the receipt of the item by the Seller, Ejherb will assist only by notifying the Seller to resolve the matter as its sole responsibility without any further obligation on Ejherb.

Items not eligible for Returns

Products that have been altered from their original or opened by an authorized personnel without permission.
Product with tampered or missing serial Universal Product Code numbers (UPC).
Perishable goods cannot be returned except a valid reason is raised at the point of delivery with affirmation from the dispatcher.
Products damaged due to misuse.