• Prostazen Plus

    Prostatitis and other inflammation of the prostate gland – afflicts and impacts the lives of tens of thousands of men every single day. This inflammation causes severe
    discomfort and pain, with symptoms that include painful & burning urination, pain & discomfort in the testes and can even include painful ejaculation. Fortunately, Traditional
    Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been there to confront these problems for over 2,000 years.
    The wisdom of the TCM practitioners comes from a storied history of herbal study and the understanding of how natural medicine ingredients affect the flow of energy (qi),
    and ultimately, our health.
    Rather than rely on Western approaches to treatment such as antibiotics which destroy good as well as bad bacteria, the Chinese herbalists have discovered & developed
    specific blends of herbs which target the problem on a holistic level to end your pain and inflammation.

    Prostazen Plus

  • Ulcer SolutionTea

    Winstown ulcer solution tea nourish stomach, remove blood stasis and detumescence, relieve gastric mucosa, acute gastritis and stomachache.

    Ulcer SolutionTea

  • Ginseng Tea

    Ginseng tea has long been considered having many benefits to health. According to Chinese philosophy, the Universe is said to be composed of Yin and Yang, or opposites. The balance of opposites determines the order of the universe. A balanced system is believed to contribute to relaxation, peace and an increased sense of harmony.
    Long considered a health drink all over Asia, ginseng tea is thought to:
    . Be high in antioxidants, which help fight stress and aging
    . Help regulate blood sugar
    . Strengthen the immune system
    . Enhance brain function
    . Fight fatigue

    Ginseng Tea

  • Beauty Slim Tea

    Ingredients: selfheal, cassia seed, hawthorn, oriental water plantain rhizome, pagodatree fruite, carapace powder.
    Packing: 2g*20bag/box, 100boxes/carton
    Function: Reduce weight, lower blood fat and blood pressure, expel toxicity, nourish the face, moisten the intestines and free the stool and keep your body in good condition

    Beauty Slim Tea

  • Kidney Cleansing Tea

    Wins Town kidney flush herbal tea is formulated used to detoxify & tonify the kidney, repair and
    help in easing urination and also helps to remove kidney stone.

    Kidney Cleansing Tea

  • Cordyceps Capsules

    Cordyceps mushroom complex capsules: Cordyceps extract + Goji berries extract + Ginseng root extract Our Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms are cultivated using advanced techniques. Unlike Cordyceps sinensis products, which is either a mycelium product, or outrageously expensive, growing Cordyceps militaris allows us to produce the fruiting bodies, so you get the actual beneficial compounds that you’re looking for.
    Goji berries have been extensively researched for their ability to generate general feelings of well-being, improve neurologic/psychological traits, support better gastrointestinal health and bowel functions, help build stronger musculoskeletal systems, and improve cardiovascular health. They’re also easy to add to meals to boost energy levels and performance. Ginseng Root provides long-term stamina benefits, is rich in amino acids, B-vitamins (particularly B5), and enzymes, and is known for its ability to provide quick energy

    Cordyceps Capsules

  • Royal Jelly Capsules

    Royal Jelly is a power pack of nutrition, designed by nature to create the queen bee and used by humans to maintain maximum health.
    Traditionally recognized for its ability to increase vitality, improve digestion and condition the skin, hair and nails
    New benefits of taking Royal Jelly, such as improved liver function, relieving stress, lowering cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, are also being discovered.
    Directions: Take 1 to 2 capsules daily , or as recommended by a healthcare professional. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. This product is a natural food supplement and should not replace a balanced and nutritious diet.

    Royal Jelly Capsules

  • Jiangang Vitamin E Softgel

    General specifications 
    Vitamin E capsules is taken as a food supplement for beautiful skin and hair
    Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that can be found in several food sources but has been made into a perfect supplement form. It has many benefits on the body and on ones hair health.
    It contains natural antioxidants that assist in maintaining hair growth and promotes a healthy scalp Vitamin E also helps in preventing hair loss as well
    Hair loses its shine overtime due to damage but the good news is vitamin e can help deal with this. As you can see the benefits are numerous

    Jiangang Vitamin E Softgel

  • Jiangang Flaxseed oil

    Jiangang Flaxseed oil – one of the most concentrated vegetarian sources of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature – contributes to the heart while providing an energy source for the body. High-quality natural flaxseed oil is dispensed and processed without solvents, under a nitrogen blanket and special yellow lights, then encased in a protective amber-colored gelatin shell to retain its integrity.

    Jiangang Flaxseed oil

  • Jiangang Clear Vision

    Jiangang clear vision is specially made for every eyes/sight problems.this product raw composition includes grape seed extract, bilberry extract, soyabean oil, taurine, dendranthema morifolium etc.
    indications:- adult sight tiredness, eyes problems relating to blindness, eyes cataract, retina cleansing, itching, long and short sight, conjunctives (apollo) etc.
    it is made with 100% natural ingredients. no artificial colour. no side effect.


    Jiangang Clear Vision

  • Jiangang potenzagy

    Jiangang potenzagy health supplement is for improving health, used for nervous breakdown, dizziness caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis, paralysis, cephalophyma resulting from hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, insomnia, bad dreams and cerebral thrombosis nourishing kidney and brain, improving intelligence and calming the soul, loss of memory connected with renal and liver deficiencies and for a run-down condition.

    Jiangang potenzagy

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